motorsport2020.cat is a project focused on promoting the Motorsport Industry in Catalonia.

The project was started in 2014 by the 3 Catalan clusters linked to the Motor and Sports Industry: CIAC (Cluster of the Automotive Industry of Catalonia), CLUSTERMOTO and INDESCAT. Initially, it was finalized in a strategic plan with very clear objectives:

  1. To boost the Motorsport industry in Catalonia, so that it generates 2,000 million euros, assuming to multiply by 5 the current GDP of the sector
  2. To be an industrial and sports reference worldwide

From 2018, the leaders and partners of this project are:

The project counts on the support of the Catalan Government through the "Secretaria General de l'Esport i de l'Activitat Física" and the Barcelona-Catalunya circuit; and it's also supported by the "Federació Catalana d'Automobilisme" and the "Federació Catalana de Motociclisme".

We believe that there are passion, tradition and great motorsport champions in Catalonia, but there is also a lot to be improved, to generate business and occupation. The strategic plan is focused on this objective by means of a series of projects to be developed along the next years, revolving around four central concepts:

  • the Industry (components, manufacturers and engineering companies)
  • the Sport Teams (teams, companies and clubs)
  • the Events (organisation, related services and federations)
  • the Spectators (local or from abroad, who enjoy this sport)

From the 17 projects initially proposed, we are focused on 4 main projects:

  • Communication: web, Newsletter, social networks
  • Barcelona Motorsport Show
  • Kart Academy
  • Green Card